Visa is another service like reserving hotels, tours, getting tickets and etc.
One of the services of Howin is the introduction of a visa for travelers.

For going to the other countries you must pay attention to the law of the country and you must get the visa to be able travel to that country. Traveling is not as easy as you think and it needs some preparations.

Tourist visas are temporary and depend on the country you travel to. Visa can be a stamp or a sticker in the passport. Some people consider passport and visa same.

How to get visa

First you have to look for a travel agency to help you through the process. After choosing the date, you must complete the documents for the visa and go to the embassy of the country you want to visit. When you go to the embassy you have to go for the finger print and consign your document. In most of the countries after consigning your document the visa will be approved after 14-21 days. You must go to the embassy to get the answer.

According to the time you travel to a country there are two types of visa:
If you go to the country and come back, your visa will expire. This kind of visa is called Single visa. If you go and come back multiple times the visa is called Multiple visa.

Types of visa

Tourist visa: for tourists to travel around countries.
Friends and relatives visa: for visiting your family and friends you can get this visa. It is the same as the tourist visa but the documents you offer are different and the chance of approving this visa will be more than tourist visa.
Medical visa: for the sick people who want to cure or treat their disease in other countries with better medical services.
Commercial visa: for doing business in other countries.
Transit visa: for passing a country on your way. Its validity is for a short time.
Work and holidays visa: it lets you other than going around the country work too. Australia was giving this visa to Iranians years ago but now it is has stopped.
Other visas such as student visa, immigration visa and… are long validity visas.

Common documents for different kinds of visas
  • Passport must have 3 months validity (some countries need 6 months)
  • ID card
  • Filling out the visa form online or on paper. In this form there are questions about the traveler and their goal. The visa forms can be easy such as Bolivia form which takes about 5 minutes and some forms take one day to complete such as New Zealand.
  • Documents proving you are working or studying in your destination country.
  • Documents for showing your financial ability such as bank account and… 
  • Usually the embassies check the photos and they should be new.
  • Reserving the flight ticket or buying it.
  • Invitation and hotel voucher
  •  Insurance
Extending visa

Imagine you are traveling somewhere and your visa is going to expire soon but you want to continue your journey. Most countries will let you extend your visa during the time you stay in their country but in some countries it is not easy. If you extend your visa for the next time that you want to go to that country getting the visa might be not easy.

If you stay in the country more than the time of your visa when you are at the airport for going back, you must pay the penalty and you will not be able to go to the same country again.

 Conditions for getting visa for Iranians
  • Sometimes the countries agree together not to get visa from the travelers, so people can travel without getting visa. We can see that there are 3 types of countries in our destinations:
  • Countries that for entering them we need visa
  • Countries that you can enter without visa
  • Countries that you can enter with landing visa. It means when you enter the country you must complete the visa form and pay for the visa to enter the country.

Iran passport is the 97th passport to go to other countries without visa and Iranians only can go to 41 countries without visa (without visa or landing visa).

Countries without visa for Iran

In this part you can see the countries that Iranians can travel to without visa. The number in front of them is the days that they will be able to stay in that country without visa.

Asian countries: Armenia (90 days), Malaysia (14 days), Turkey (90 days), Georgia (45 days), Qatar OcOceania countries: Federated States of Micronesia (30 days), Cook Islands, Niue
Oceania countries: Federated States of Micronesia (30 days), Cook Islands, NiueCaribbean countries: Dominica (21 days), Haiti (90 days)AmAmerican countries: Ecuador (90 days), Venezuela (15 days)
erican countries: Ecuador (90 days), Venezuela (15 days

Getting visa on arrival

In the countries below you can get your visa at the airport

Asian countries: Cambodia (30 days), Macau, Maldives (30 days), Nepal (90 days), Sri Lanka (30 days), East Timor (30 days), Azerbaijan (30 days), Lebanon (30 days), Syria (90 days)
African countries: Benin Republic, Cape Verde, Comoros, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau (90
days), Kenya (90 days), Madagascar (90 days)
Oceania countries: Palau (30 days), Samoa (60 days), Tuvalu (30 days)
American countries: Bolivia (30 days)
It also applies to Mauritania, Mozambique (30 days) and Rwanda, Seychelles (90 days) and Somalia, Tanzania (90 days) and Togo (7 days) as well as Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Required Documents for Dubai Visa
  • Scan a passport for at least 6 months
  • The length of time required to approve a visa is 7 working days (except Friday and Saturday)
Required Documents for Chinese Visa

• Copy of first pages, spouse and children and ID details
• Two 8×4 full colored photos with white background (no glasses)
Passport with minimum validity of 7 months
• Passports valid since January 2015 must accompany their previous passports and must notify the Agency if they have received a passport for the first time or if their passport has been lost.

Documents required for obtaining an Italian visa

• Two 3.5 x 4.5 photos
• Your current passport and a copy of your previous visas
• Flight ticket reservation
• Hotel voucher
• Financial documents: Proof of your financial resources for the duration of your stay in Italy. According to the Italian Foreign Ministry, proof of funds is one of the criteria for entry into Italy. For more information, please call Howin agency.
• Job or educational qualifications

Documents required to obtain Canadian visa

Nowadays there are more requests for Canada from Iranians. 90% of the requests will be rejected. The best way to apply for a Canadian visa is individually.

Due to the absence of the Canadian Embassy in Iran for fingerprinting, travelers have to travel to Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan.

  • Having a valid passport, lack of criminal and legal background
  • Financial ability: The most ideal ability for a financial ability is $ 50,000 per person. You can obtain a Canadian tourist visa with less financial support.
  • Have at least two Schengen visas
Documents required to obtain a Schengen visa
  • Original signed passport with at least 7 months’ validity
  • Copy of all passport pages and Iranian ID pages
  • Two new 4 x 6 full-colored photos with white background
  • Valid translated property document in the name of the traveler, such as a house, shop
  • Valid financial documents such as recent bank account turnover or long-term deposit with a minimum of 4000 USD
  • Valid job translation documents such as employment certificate, official company registration newspaper, business license or retirement card
  • The most recent legal bill for university professors is necessary.
  • Issued Flight tickets
  • Hotel voucher
Documents required for obtaining Great Britain visa
  • Property document and job certificate
  • Visa from Canada, Australia, America, Schengen and japan are very useful
  • Recent turnover at least 10000 USD
  • No rejected visa from other countries. If there is any rejected visa, there must be other approved visa from other countries. It is an exception for Britain visa.

The last remark is not an obligation but the deputy will consider it. Any visa rejections from embassy of Britain costs 400 pounds extra.

Documents consigned to the embassy have a great role in approving visa. Any contrast or contradiction in documents will result rejection for many years.

  • Original passport with 6 months’ validity (original old passport with copy of all pages) 1 page must be white.
  • Filled out online form with the embassy date and time confirmation
  • Two 3.5x 4.5 photos
  • Original or copy of invitation letter or hotel booking
  • Original and translation of marriage certificate
  • Original and translation of ID
  • Original and translation of National card
  • Original and translation of military exemption card
  • Original and translation of job document (employment certificate, insurance, permission, retirement, student’s ID card, office permission…)
  • Reserved flight ticket to Britain
  • Invitation letter with the sender copy of passport, bank account turnover, occupation document, property document in Britain (electric and water bill, rental bill, …)
  • Bank account turnover for at least 3 months in English
  • Original financial ability in English
  • Company account turnover for managers and share partners in English
  • Original and translation of property or rent document
  • Official translation of all above mentioned document
  • All document has to be in A4 size
  • The document must not be pinned or stapled
Great Britain Visa Request

Filling out the form online is the first step. The applicants must refer to Britain embassy official site.

  • Refer to Britain embassy site and making an account
  • Choose visa type
  • Fill out the online form
  • Make an appointment with Britain embassy in Tehran, Turkey and UAE
  • Online visa fee payment
  • Attendance on Time in the embassy and fingerprint
  • Fingerprint will be done in Iran, Turkey and UAE.

For more information contact Howin Tour & Travel.

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