Vakil Bazaar

Vakil bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Shiraz which was built by Karim Kahn Zand when Shiraz was the capital of Iran.

Karim Khan Zand after seeing Laar bazaar decided to build Vakil bazaar in Shiraz.

This place was one of the economical places at that time in Shiraz near Karim Khan Citadel.
Near Vakil bazaar there is a mosque and Vakil bath.

Vakil bazaar was built in 1758 and finished in 1777. This bazaar is build with lime, chalk and brick. Vakil bazaar was registered in the ministry of Cultural Heritage in 1963.

From that time until now this bazaar has changed a lot. Vakil bazaar is one of the strongest buildings from Zandiyeh dynasty which has passed a lot of natural disasters.

This bazaar has modern and traditional goods to sell and has different sections and each section has specific goods to sell like the swordsmen bazaar, the coppersmith part, the crystal bazaar, the tailor’s part and other parts.

Architecture of Vakil bazaar:

This bazaar has five big gate with 4 entrances.

In the middle of bazaar there was a big marble pool which is not there anymore.

The very fascinating thing about this place is that after 200 years nothing has happened to it.

Vakil bazaar has 2 parts in the north-south part and the west-east part. The north part is connected to the new bazaar which was built during Qajar dynasty by Mirza Yousef Ashrafi. The new bazar is a very long one and has different booths.

The new bazaar starts from Isfahan gate to the east of Karvansarai.

The north part starts from Isfahan gate and goes to Chaharsouq. On the east of the north part there is Cashmere bazaar.

The south part of the bazaar is the part for cloth dealers and it starts from Chaharsouq to Moshir.

Vaakil bazaar ceiling has been built in a way to prevent water going inside the bazaar when it rains. Also there are some holes in the walls that help to control the temperature inside the bazaar.

Also one of the other places that had an influence on building this bazar was the Isfahan long bazaar which was built by king Abbas I.

What should we buy from Vakil bazaar?

This bazaar is a place which is a mixture of modern and traditional goods with reasonable prices and high quality.

Some of the goods that are famous to buy from there is high grade cloth, Masqati (a kind of Iranian sweet), Syrups and Shiraz famous Citrus Aurantium.

One of the beautiful bazaars in Iran is Moshir bazaar which you can buy traditional jewelry, silver and handicrafts such as inlayers.

Make sure to visit Vakil bazaar when you are in Shiraz because this traditional bazaar will definitely amaze you.

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