Nushabad is one of the old cities in north of Isfahan. The south of this city has way to Kashan.

The word of nush comes from the name of Anushe meaning immortal and forever.

It is said that this place was the capital of one of the kings of Sasanian dynasty called anoushiravan.

In this city there is more than 150 ancient things which apart of it is in the city and the other part of it is in the desert near the city.

One of the famous places in Nushabad is the underground city called ooyi.

This underground city is the biggest underground city in the world.

It has an old history from 1500 years ago and it is for the Sasanian dynasty.

It is said that this place was digged by hand.
It has 4 kilometers width with three floors.

The first floor was used for running away from the enemies and losing them, the second and the third floor were used for getting shelter and saving food and important things during that time.

This underground city was discovered in 2006 when someone was digging their house.

This city in Nushabad had different uses during time. In the Sasani dynasty, Safavi dynasty and even Zandie dynasty it was used for getting shelter during wars and other situations because of this they made it bigger after times.

It seems that during Qajar dynasty it was used for running away from the heat on summer.

One of the other places in in this erea is the clay Nushabad palace also known as Sizan clay palace which is located in the east of Nosh abad.

This place belongs to the Saljoughian dynasty and the walls of this place has 10 meters thickness.

The Nushabad jame mosque is one of the historical places in Nushabad. This mosque was built during Saljoughian dynasty.

Some of the famous handicrafts in Nush city are scarf weaving, cloth weaving and breeding silkworm which they are not in this city anymore.

But one the handicrafts that the people of this place still do is carpet weaving.
Other than these places that we mentioned Nushabad also has religious places to visit.

So when you visit Iran and if you had time visit Nushabad for sure because of the old history that this city has.

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