Nasirolmolk Mosque

Nasirolmolk mosque also known as the pink mosque is one of the old mosques in Shiraz. It was built by mirza Hasan Ali khan also known as Nasirolmolk during the Qajar dynasty witch it took 12 years to finish it and it was built in 1876 and finished in 1888.

On 1969 nasirolmolk was renovated by mirza Ayat. Even after 150 years people still use this mosque and go to pray inside it this shows that this mosque other than being a tourist site it is a religious place.

Sunlight is an important part in Iranian architecture nasriolmolk by using this fact build this mosque.

The windows of nasirolmolk mosque are made of colored glass and because of the reflection of the sunlight the whole mosque turns into a beautiful color that’s the reason why they call it the pink mosque.

Nasirolmolk mosque has two bedchambers witch are called west and east bedchamber.

The west bedchamber is more beautiful than the east had paintings of red flowers but after renovating there they covered it with Turquoise  tiles. The columns in nasirolmolk mosque are very beautiful and this bedchamber has six columns. This bedchamber was inspired from Vakil mosque. Also this bedchamber has seven doors witch it is a symbol of the seven skies.

The east bedchamber also known as the winter bedchamber. The east bedchamber was used on summer because the room was designed to avoid the sunlight to be cold.

Behind this bedchamber there is a well called the cow well witch it was used for taking water from the well by using a cow.

This bedchamber has seven columns witch they are simple and they are not as beautiful as the west bedchamber.

Nasirolmolk mosque has two terraces, one on the north and the other one is on the south. The north terrace is more beautiful than the south one.

In the north terrace there is a long arch witch is called the pearl arch. Outside and inside this arch is made by colorful tiles.

This mosque is a very good place for taking beautiful pictures and creating unforgetable memories so we offer you to visit this beautiful mosque when you visit Iran.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Shiraz Iran 4-2015
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