Iran Visa

The visa for Iran is a need for passing the border of Iran. Visa is a document for passing the border of each country and will be stamped on the passport.

Foreigners must get Iran visa to pass the borders and enter. Tourists who need Iran visa must go to the embassy of Iran in their countries. The process of getting visa of Iran is different in each country.

Types of Visa

For getting the visa of Iran you must declare your goal for going to Iran. If your goal does not match the kind of visa you apply for, you will not be able to get the visa. So knowing what kind of visa you want is an important part of the process. Iran has 13 different kinds of visas for the foreigners.
Here is a list of visas:

  • Tourist visa for the foreign tourists
  • Visa for sport or scientific groups which can be multiple visas
  • Pilgrimage visa for those who want to visit the shrines in Iran
  • Diplomatic visa for other countries politicians
  • Education visa for students in Iran
  • Working visa for those who want to work in Iran (some of the countries are hardly accepted)
  • Commercial visa for signing contracts

*The guests who want to continue their commercial work in Iran must get the company visa and an Iranian company must be their host.
 The companies can get the visa by themselves but because they do not have any experience, they can ask travel agencies to apply for.

Those who have come 3 times to Iran can get a multiple visa for Iran.

  • Multiple commercial visa which has a limited time and place

The multiple visa is for those who come to Iran to work. This visa will be issued according to the times you have come to Iran before. The validity of the visa depends on your nationality and the times you have come to Iran and will be valid for 3 to 6 months or even one year. This visa has some benefits including saving money and time and also you do not need to worry to approve the visa for the next time.

The minimum time you have to travel to Iran to apply multiple visa is:
– Multiple visa for three months: minimum 3 times with commercial visa
– Multiple visa for six months: minimum 2 multiple visa in the past three months
– Multiple visa for a year: minimum 2 multiple visa in the past six months

  • Transit visa for the staff of the airlines and those who do not want to stay in Iran and just pass Iran to get to their destinations. The maximum validation of the visa is one week.
  • The press visa is for the reporters and photographers who come to report the news.
  •  Attached visa is a kind of visa for those who are married to Iranians.
  • The relative visa is for the Iranian who live in other countries and want to come to Iran to visit their relatives. These people have to apply for visa from Iran embassy.

*If your father is Iranian, you do not need to get visa because you are known as an Iranian by entering Iranian documents.
*The process will be same for people who have Iranian mother.

For getting tourist visa it takes 2-10 days, commercial visa takes 4-10 days and multi visa takes 7 days to be approved.

The location of getting the Visa

Foreign tourists can get their visa from Iran embassy in their country or fly to Iran and get landing visa at the airport.

Landing visa cannot be approved for: America, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Somali, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Among these countries America, England and Canada can only come to Iran by tours and they must have a tour program and a tour leader to come to Iran. They have to stay in the hotel and cannot have another program (the company visa is not included in this law), for Canada and England it takes about 3 weeks and for Americans it takes about 2 months to approve.

Those who have Afghanistan and Bangladesh passports must go to Iran embassy in their country.

Passport holders from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Azerbaijan and Georgia can come and get their visa at the airport and the minimum validity is for 6 months.

Documents for visa:
  • Colored passport scan
  • National card scan (Both sides)
  • Photo scan
  • Invitation form for visa for the host
  • Invitation form for the guest
The first page of passport scan:

One of the important part of the documents is the scan of the passport. The information below can help you to get a better result in scanning your passport. You must pay attention to the details of the passport to be included in the scan for getting the visa.

It is better to use one of the scan applications with high quality.

The first page of the passport must have a colored scan.

Iran Visa

Black and white or one colored photos might not get accepted.
The photos must have JPG or JPEG format.
The file size should be less than 500 KB and more than 10 KB.
Just the first page is needed.
It must be horizontal and the width should be more than the height.
The resolution must be 800*600 pixels.

 It must have a high quality.
Not to dark and not to bright.
All the writings must be clear.

Things you must now before completing your form:
– All Iran visa types
– Documents needed for visa
– Documents on the internet
– How to complete the visa form
– Passport and photo specification
You can contact Howin to complete your visa from. All the information in the form is applier responsibility to check and confirm.

  If the photo does not match the applier, the applier must show a new photo in less than past 6 months

Pay attention to the notes below:

-A surgery mark or a big wound on the face.
-Removing or adding tattoo or mole.
– Losing huge weight.
– Transgender.
-For mustache or beard do not need to take a new photo.

Infants photo:
In the photo nobody must be next to the infant.

Guide number1:
Put the infant on a light colored cover and make sure that there is not a shadow on the face.

Guide number2:
Cover the seat with light colored cover.

Visa documents for those who have an Iranian mother and foreign mother:

  • Written request from mother.
  • Birth document.
  • Copy of marriage document.
  • Documents needed for does who have married an Iranian:
  • Copy of marriage document
  • Written request from the couple

Regular documents:

  • Request form for visa
  • 3*4 photo (with white background and without wearing glasses)
  • Passport with six-month validity (with enough blank pages)
  • The travel agencies cannot apply visa for Afghanistan and Bangladesh people. These people must go to the embassy of Iran.  If they have foreign passports, they can ask the travel agencies to do their visas.
  • There are some strict rules for giving visa to some countries such as South Africa and Yemen.
  • On Thursdays and Fridays, the embassy of Iran is closed.
  •  The embassy is open from 8 AM to 4 PM.
  • It takes 2-7 days to get visa code.

When visa code will be sent:

  • It takes three days to get to the embassy of Iran in the country.
  • The form for visa, requesting visa for Iran and the whole process will be done online.
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