Chamran Grand Hotel

Chamran Hotel or Chamran Grand Hotel is a luxury and five-star hotel in Shiraz in the beautiful Chamran Blvd. This hotel is one of the tallest cultural and historical buildings in Iran which is located in a place with good weather opposite Qasroldasht with a beautiful view from the city and the gardens around it.

Chamran Hotel was built in April 2010 with the help of the experts in this industry and hospitality with the international standards.

Chamran Blvd. is one of the popular places among the people of Shiraz. A long and wide boulevard in a place with the best weather in the city. A river passes from the south of it and in the north it is surrounded by many gardens.

The building of Chamran hotel has thirty floors. Sixteen floors of the hotel are for theguests to stay in 250 luxury rooms and suites with all services.

Hotel Facilities:

The two first floors of Shiraz Chamran Hotel are business floors with stores and shops for selling different handicrafts and beauty salons for men and women. This complex has travel agencies, a photo gallery and bank.

Chamran Hotel is equipped with a pool, jacuzzi, gym and a salon for massage including Aromatherapy massage, western baths and fish spa, salons for playing different games which is equipped with Xbox360 for the guests to play.

In the sports complex of Chamran Hotel there is a coffee shop for the guests to rest and relax.

The lobby of Chamran Grand Hotel is a suitable and luxury place for your meetings but for your friendly meetings there are better places in the hotel to go to.

Chamran Hotel Rooms:

Like other five-star hotels there are rooms in this Hotel classified by the model of the beds. Other than the beds all the rooms have some facilities which are same in all rooms. The hotel has many single and twin bedrooms and twin suites. Because of the location and the height of the hotel each room has its different view from the gardens and mountains to the garden restaurant and the city.

One of the special facilities of the rooms is that in each room next to the bed there are some buttons with different meaning. The red one is for “Do not Disturb” and the green button is for “Please Clean the Room”.

Some other facilities of the hotel are Iranian and standard toilets, safe box, tea maker, cosmetics for free, fast internet, air conditioner system, fridge, mini bar, bathroom and ….

Chamran Hotel Restaurants:

This Hotel has four restaurants, two coffee shops and a dinning salon with different kinds of Iranian and Italian food. The restaurants are located on the 24th and 25th floor of hotel and the coffee shop with live music is on the 23rd floor.  

The Nations restaurant serves breakfast every morning. The guests who stay in the hotel the night before will have a free breakfast in Chamran Shiraz Hotel.

The breakfast buffet is on the 3rd floor in a salon with a space of 3000 square meters.
The Nations restaurant has two different salons.One of them is in a balcony and it serves different kinds of International food.

Da Vinci restaurant is the Italian restaurant of Chamran Hotel. This restaurant is on the 25th floor and because of this it has an amazing view of the city.

Barbod Traditional restaurant is one of the other restaurants in Chamran Hotel. This restaurant serves traditional food and faloode Shirazi (a popular Iranian dessert) and different kinds of traditional syrups with a live music for you to enjoy your stay in the hotel.

  The coffee shops of the hotel serve traditional Iranian drinks, ice cream, faloode Shirazi and different kind of snacks for you to have a perfect memory of Shiraz and Chamran Hotel.

Special Services of the Hotel:

After entering the hotel and getting your key from the reception, you can go into room. The time of check- in the rooms starts from 2:00 PM and the time of  check- out is before 12:00 PM. The guests who stay in their rooms after 12:00 PM have to pay half of the amount of the price of the room for one night.

Free internet is available in the rooms and in the area of the hotel for the guests of the hotel.

Location of Chamran Hotel:

Aftab commercial building is 8,1 kilometers far from the hotel and Setareh commercial building is 4,1 kilometers far from the hotel.

The hotel is 7,1 kilometers far from Hafez tomb and its street. The famous gardens of Shiraz such as Afif Abad garden and Eram garden are about 10 minutes far from the hotel by driving.
The Lotfali Khan street is 8,9 kilometes far from the hotel and Chamran boulevard.

Distance to the Terminals:

The distance to the bus terminals (Amirkabir and shahid Modarres) from Chamran hotel is the same. The hotel is 8,9 kilometers far from these terminals.

Shiraz train station (17,2) is far from the hotel so it takes about 20 minutes to get to the station.Shahid Karandish terminal is 8,5 kilometers far from the hotel.
The nearest subway station from the hotel is Qasrdasht station in Kouhsar Mahdi street.

You can call Howin travel agency for booking this hotel in Shiraz.

Address: Kouhsar Mahdi street, before Ordibehesht hospital, Chamran Shiraz blvd

Phone: 071 – 36262000

website: Chamran Grand Hotel

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