The Stone Lion

The lion stone statue is one of the antiquities of the city of Hamedan, located at the end of a 12-meter-long lion stone street in the middle of a square with the same name. The lion stone statue, as Hamadan people call it, is a fantastic stone statue of a lion in a field of the same name located southeast of Hamadan. Hamedan lion statue is one of the medieval memorials which believed that were sculptures, which were symmetrically constructed at the entrance of the city, were to remove the


Ali-sadr cave

Ali-sadr Cave is one of the largest water caves in Iran and the world. It is also one of the rare water caves where sailing is possible. The sharp temperature difference inside and outside the cave has made the area a pleasant place for tourists. Ali Sadr cave is a miracle of nature because there are many amazing landscapes in geology. Tips on Ali-sadr Cave Ali-Sadr cave is about 190 million years old. According to geology, as long as the sound of water drops is heard in the cave and as lo


Azadi Tower

Azadi tower was built in 1971. It is the symbol of modern Iran in the middle of one of the squares in the west of Tehran. It was built for memorial and celebrating the 2500 Iranian imperial ceremony and at first it was known as Shahyad tower (means the memorial of king). In Tehran gates you can see Azadi tower which is in a complex with 540,000 square meters. 50,000 square meters is known as Azadi tower which is a traditional Iranian garden with beautiful flowers and water fountains around it


Vakil Bazaar

Vakil bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Shiraz which was built by Karim Kahn Zand when Shiraz was the capital of Iran. Karim Khan Zand after seeing Laar bazaar decided to build Vakil bazaar in Shiraz. This place was one of the economical places at that time in Shiraz near Karim Khan Citadel. Near Vakil bazaar there is a mosque and Vakil bath. Vakil bazaar was built in 1758 and finished in 1777. This bazaar is build with lime, chalk and brick. Vakil bazaar was registered in the mi



Nushabad is one of the old cities in north of Isfahan. The south of this city has way to Kashan. The word of nush comes from the name of Anushe meaning immortal and forever. It is said that this place was the capital of one of the kings of Sasanian dynasty called anoushiravan. In this city there is more than 150 ancient things which apart of it is in the city and the other part of it is in the desert near the city. One of the famous places in Nushabad is the underground city called o

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