Khoresht karafs

Khoresht karafs (Celery Stew) is another delicious Iranian food. This food is a mixture of beef, sliced celery, chopped parsley, some mint (fresh mint is better) and lime juice. Iranian foods are delicious specially the khoreshts (stews) because they are cooked slowly and the food has the time to get ready. In Iran they say “qaza ja biofte” which means same getting cooked. The time for cooking Khoresht Karafs is same as the time for cooking Fesenjoun and Ghorme Sabzi so it takes about


Jujeh kabab

In all around the world the word Kabab means using skewers to grill meat, vegetables, chicken and many other things. Today we are back with a new recipe for making Joojeh Kabab/ Jujeh Kabab Jujeh Kabab is made of small pieces of chicken mixed with some saffron and lime juice and sliced onion. Before using the skewers, you can chop some tomatoes and add to the skewers with the Kabab and grill them. Jujeh kabab is usually made with chicken breast without skin and also usually we do not ad


Qafqazi Kabab

It does not matter what the kabab is made of such as fish kabab, chicken kabab, kabab koobideh and …, it is important that the different kababs that they are famous in the world are very popular. One of the formal foods which is served in ceremonies is kabab. Qafqazi Kabab (Caucasian Kebab) is one of the kababs that you can have it on your vacation days because making this kabab does not take a long time and you can keep it inside the fridge. You can serve Qafqazi Kabab (Caucasian Kebab)


soup jo (Barley soup)

Usually soup is served as an appetizer or dinner. But soup jo is very good for cold and sickness. Using dairy such as milk and cream in this soup is optional. Iranians enjoy eating soup jo because of its taste and the variety. In this article we are going to tell you how to make barley soup without chicken but using chicken stock also without adding milk to the soup. Cooking time: 60 minutes Ingredients: 2 cups of barley1 onion 1 diced carrot1 diced mushroom1 diced celery4 cup


Kabab Koobideh (MINCED MEAT KEBAB)

Kabab Koobideh is one of the famous and popular Iranian foods and because of this it has different ways to cook. Kabab Koobide is one of the most amazing tastes of ground beef. Among the different ways for cooking Kabab Koobideh the best way is to barbecue it. Kabab Koobideh is made of lamb or beef or both with some shreded onions and different spices. Kabab Koobideh is served with some rice and saffron and some butter in the rice which is a way of serving kabab called “Chelo Kabab

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