Currency and Mobile Number

Currency and mobile phone are among the most important issues to consider when traveling to Iran or any other country. General information about Iranian currency and mobile phone use in Iran is provided. The first thing to keep in mind is that Iran is separated from the international banking system. However, the banking system in Iran is quite modern and efficient. Most people have different bank cards that they use for online payments as well. International sanctions make any non-domestic


Foreign tourists visit Nasir al-Molk Shiraz

foreign tourists, after traveling to Iran and visiting the sights of our country, say the hospitality and warmth of the good people of our country are the best. Tourists usually post their experiences in the form of photos and posts on reputable blogs and sites after their trip. In this post, we bring some tourists' experiences after visiting Nasir al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz (the Pink Mosque) in Fars province. The Amazing Mosque “Oman” I can honestly say that my travel aim was to see


Meymanad village

Meymanad village is on the way of Yazd to Kerman, in 38 kilometers of north east of Shahre Babak and belongs to 6,000 years ago.  Some of the archaeologists believe that this place is 12,000 years old and it is said that this place was one of the important places for people to live in Iran Plateau. It is said that Shahre Babak is the place of birth of the founder of the Sasanid dynasty in 200 years ago B.C... From this town there are roads to Meymanad village with 2240 meters heigh



The guide travels with the group and is the mediume between the travelers and the tour operator. Tour guides help travelers with personal problems and supervision the proper execution of programs and tasks and keeps track of expenses from beginning to the end. A tour guide who is capable of doing more will be more valuable. Depending on the capability, a group supervisor can handle some or all of the local guiding tasks. If he/she is familiar with the place and can work with a local guide to



Somewhere close to the center of Iran, surrounded by the major cities of Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz, there lies a small town known as Abarkuh. Abarkuh is pronounced in the way that can be translated as a symbol of legendery and unknown lands in Iranian folklore. Moreover, the small town of Abarkuh hosts an immense cypress tree, which is one of the oldest trees in the world. Even the 13th century world traveler, Marco Polo, could not miss visiting the cypress of Abarkuh. To have a clearer

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