Aseman Airline

Aseman Airlines (Sky Airlines) was formed in 1980 by the merger of four airlines Air Taxi, Pars Air, Air Service and Hoor Aseman. The aircraft was transferred to the National Pension Fund in 2002. This has made the pace of growth and development of the sky more plentiful. The three Aseman Airlines operate in Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad respectively. At all three centers, special attention is given to recruiting and training local specialist staff and staff training. Since its incept


Sepehran Airline

Sepehran Airlines is one of the newest airlines in Iran. In 2010 it was registered as a privately held company. But because of some problems and sanctions the airline was not able to get the certificate and has the old aircrafts. In 2015 Sepehran Airlines manager changed and the new manager could get the certificate and new planes. The first flight was in February 2015 and from Shiraz to Mashhad. People of Fars province and Shiraz did not have any belonged to their province and h


Meraj Airline

Meraj Airline is one of the private airlines in Iran which has the certificate of the Air Force of the country and started its work and gave service to passengers in 2010. The center and important office of this airline is in Mehrabad airport and its second center is in Kish airport and Hashemi Nejad airport in Mashhad. Meraj Airline has a center in Imam Khomeini international airport for international flights too. The CEO of Meraj Airline is captain Touraj Dehqani Zangane and it is based


Saha Airline

SAHA Airline is an airline based in Tehran and was founded by Islamic Republic of Iran Army in 1990. This airline is one of the oldest airlines in Iran which its activity has changed through time. SAHA stands for “Army Air Connection Services”. At first its duty was to transfer the army staff but later their duty was changed to give service to everyone and carry goods to different cities. Still the owner of this airline is Islamic Republic of Iran Army. In April 2014 becaus


Caspian Airline

Caspian Airlines is one of the Iranian airlines operating in cooperation with the private sector and the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Caspian Airlines (Persian: هواپیمایی کاسپین‎) is an airline headquartered in Tehran, Iran. Established in 1993, it operates services between Tehran and other major cities in Iran and international flights to Armenia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. The name Caspian Airlines derives from a white ethnic g

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